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Keep ‘Em Coming Back With White Lasagna

Usually I try to feature easy recipes that are versatile and easy to make at any skill level on any budget, but this time I’m going to stray for a bit.  My mom made this incredible white lasagna that I couldn’t help but blog about. 

I love Italian food.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, but sometimes it takes a while to make.  However, the one thing about Italian foods is that it impresses a crowd more than any other food I’ve ever made or tried.  This white version of a traditional lasagna is a crowd pleaser and although it is not difficult or expensive to make, it is time-consuming.  Because the recipe is pretty long, I thought it best to give you the link to the Italian Cooking Encyclopedia that the recipe is found in as well as a google search for white lasagna.

DSC_0163 Isn’t it gorgeous?  This is definitely the kind of recipe I would consider for a fancy party or a comfortable get-together as well as my weekly recipe that I make on Sundays at college and eat all week.  It reheats just as well if not better than the first time you eat it and is easy to portion out.


What I really loved about this white lasagna was how creamy it was and how the mace and bay leaf found in the recipe made it almost a tad sweet which I have never tasted in a traditional lasagna before. Although even the delectable taste may not justify making it after a long day at work, I would recommend trying to incorporate it into a weekend family meal or a dish for special occasions.  I would encourage you all to try a white lasagna if you haven’t before!  I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

With all this talk of delicious Italian food, I’m salivating over here wondering what your favorite Italian foods are.  I love to try new things, so please share!

This post is a part of Tasty Tuesday over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.

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3 comments to Keep ‘Em Coming Back With White Lasagna

  • Mmmmmm!!! I love Italian food too — pretty much any kind of pasta, and of course, pizza!!

    This looks like a great twist on traditional lasagna. I don’t usually make meals that are too time-intensive, but maybe I’ll take a shot at making this baby one weekend soon. Thanks for sharing the links :-)


  • Valerie

    I love all Italian food too! It is hard to pick my favorite but I make a pizza that I love, stuffed shells, stuffed manicotti, chicken marsala, baked mostaccioli, etc, etc. All of them are a comfort food to me! The white lasagna looks great too!

  • This looks delicious, I’ve never even heard of a white lasagna. My husband would love this, it sounds so rich and creamy, perfect for cold winter days.

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