Creating the Perfect Omelet is Easier than You Think

When I make breakfast at school, I normally have an omelet cooking in my GT Express 101 to save time, but nothing beats a real omelet cooked slowly on the stove.  I have been making them half my life and thought I would share what I consider the perfect omelet technique.  Of course, it’s not quite as easy as mixing some ingredients and throwing it into the GT Express, but it looks prettier and I can load them until they burst which doesn’t work with the GT Express because the wells are pretty small.

imageThe first thing you should do is gather your ingredients – use what you have on hand.  I used two eggs, a slice of deli ham, a slice of cheese (any kind will do), some red onion and green pepper I had on hand, oregano, parsley, and some homemade salsa.  The sky is the limit – go crazy, especially with the veggies.  No matter what people will tell you, an omelet for breakfast when you use lots of veggies and a limited amount of butter and cheese is good for you and is a good source of energy to get you through the day.  If you are worried about the cholesterol, use three egg whites instead of two whole eggs.

imageLet your medium size pan (about 8-10 inches) heat up on a low setting while you mix the eggs.  I use a fork – it’s easier to clean and does the same job.  I also add a little bit of water to make the eggs fluffier.

image  When the eggs are whisked, it’s time to butter the pan.  I use a small scoop of butter (not even a full tablespoon) and spread it around the bottom and sides of the pan which will help later when we flip the eggs.  I normally don’t like the butter to bubble at all when I put it in but instead melt and glide over the pan, but this time my heat was a tiny bit too high, but it still worked out perfectly.

image Then add the eggs. If they are bubbling a lot, turn the heat down.  I like my eggs to cook slowly so they don’t become too browned and aren’t crunchy.

image If you want any spices, this is when you add them.  I like them to get mixed in with the eggs.

image Then add a little salt and pepper to your liking.

image When the eggs are almost fully cooked it is time to flip them.  Make sure there is no liquid still laying on the top.  I usually use two spatulas – one on each side – and then just flip it.  If it is ripping easily then it is too soon to flip it.  Wait a little longer and then try again.  I never used to flip my eggs and would instead put a lid on the pan to make the top cook faster, but the omelet would either be runny on top but perfect on the bottom or fully cooked on top but overcooked on the bottom.  Flipping it is the only way I do it now and always results in both sides being cooked to perfection.

image Now sit and admire your beautiful barely browned eggs for about a minute while the other side cooks.

image When you flip it back it may not look pretty anymore, but there is no need to worry.  No one will see this side anyway.

image image image Now that the eggs is fully cooked, you can add the toppings to half and let them sit for a bit until the cheese melts and they warm up.

imageI then get my egg situated to fold it.  I always fold right to left, so I had to spin the omelet around so that the non-topping side was on the right.  Then I folded it and held it there for a few seconds until it wasn’t going to flip back on me.

image Now slide it onto a plate.

image Add some salsa.

image And enjoy!  It really is simple.  The only thing that requires any effort is flipping it, which after doing one time you will be able to do a thousand times perfectly.

Now you know how I make the perfect omelet, but I want to know if you make them differently and what you usually make for breakfast on the weekends.

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