My Semester Pledge + Thrifty Finds

I am back at my apartment for school and have decided I need to change my spending habits.  After buying my digital SLR camera I realized I like to buy things, and although I think I am better at not spending my money on frivolous things than a lot of people my age, I can still do better.  San and I have promised one another that we will only go out to eat three times together over the course of the next three and a half months.  Even though we both love to cook (he is in the food business and graduated from culinary school as a pastry chef), we are tired on the weekends and go out to eat instead of making food ourselves.  This adds up every week and is unnecessary, so we’re cutting it out.

I have personally pledged to buy as little as I can from retail stores.  Instead, any clothing, home accessories, cooking items, etc. will be purchased second-hand from consignment stores.  San and I like to walk around stores when we spend time together because it is free, but in reality, it causes me to splurge on things I don’t need, and when I say splurge I mean buying a $30 pair of boots, which, while inexpensive, are not needed.  I figure by only shopping at second-hand stores I will spend less and will not find as many things that I like.

With that said, I want to share with you the great items I found at thrift stores my last day home.  I normally do not purchase clothing from thrift stores (I have no idea why), but Jen from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam inspired me to get out and look.  Because the prices were so great (between $1-$10) I found myself loading up my arms with tons of clothing that I normally would not consider but were worth trying because they were so inexpensive.  I didn’t want to spend too much so I went with four tops.  Aren’t they great?



I don’t have a lot of actual “blouses,” so I could not pass this one up.  It is from Forever 21 and I got it for $5.99.

DSC_0191 I am obsessed with cardigans.  They allow me to wear my summer clothing in the winter by implementing the fashion skill of layering.  This green beauty (which by the way is a fabulous color on redheads) was mine for only $3.29.


This cute sequined cardigan with pearl buttons seemed a little young to me, but when I put it on it was love at first sight for only $4.79.


I love New York and Company for their very tailored clothing, but normally I just can’t justify buying blazers and the like when I don’t have a reason for them.  Well, when I spotted this great fitted blazer for $9.99, I knew it had to be mine.  I think when I start teaching, I will buy a lot of clothing second hand because many times they are in very good shape and are much more affordable than buying them new.

DSC_0211 Last but not least, these great bronze heals were only $6.99 and fit me perfectly.  I never have heals to wear when I wear browns, but now I do!


I couldn’t resist showing you the fantastic ceramic tray I picked up for $6.00.  It’s great – I just couldn’t resist.



I love all of my thrifty finds – I couldn’t be happier with them!  Now, I need to know, do you buy second hand clothing?

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8 comments to My Semester Pledge + Thrifty Finds

  • Lisa

    Great finds! I buy most of my clothes and accessories secondhand, and have found that with a little patience, you can score fantastic deals! I have bought a leather Cole Haan messenger bag for a quarter, a cashmere sweater for $1.50, lots of Ralph Lauren and J. Crew separates for $2-4, etc. It kind of hurts me to pay sale prices at department stores now, lol. I know that if I wait a little while, I can get the same item for only a few dollars.

  • I’m not afraid to say I buy used clothes! In the last 6+ years, I probably have not paid over $50 total in brand new clothes (doesn’t include undergarments as I buy them new.) I find it hard to pay over $5 for a pair of jeans, over $3 for a top and over $10 for a jacket. I’m cheap I guess but saves me money to do other things. :)

  • oh yeah! you can find stuff nobody has OR score popular stuff for a fraction of the price! I get the most compliments on a few of my favorite thirft finds! Another good idea: about twice a year my girlfriends and i get together for a clothing swap. You get rid of old stuff and get all your friends cloths you wish were yours! FREE!

  • I only started thrift shopping when I started reading blogs a few years ago. I have bought a few items of clothing but the thing I really like to collect are tablecloths and dishes. I love changing the look when I set the table and by purchasing at the thrift store I can do so at a reasonable price.

  • Sarah


    Thanks for stopping by! That is such a great idea to collect table items so that you can always change up the arrangement for any kind of dinner or party without spending a lot of money. I get bored easily, so I’m sure when I have a table (that sounds so pathetic) I will follow your lead and do the same any time I need a change. Great idea!


  • I absolutely buy used clothes! It is very hard to find good ones at most thrift stores around here, so I often shop at Plato’s Closet instead.

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  • Valerie

    I agree! I love the consignment stores you can really find some good buys there and it helps stretch the dollar to cover more things. You definitely got some lovely items and I love the White and blue serving tray beautiful colors! As a shoe lover I love the heels! The color is fantastic will look great with lots of outfits!

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