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Quirky Art for Quirky People

I am in the process of making an inspiration board for the studio apartment I’m living in beginning in August and I looked to Vintage Printable for some free art resources.  I came across some art I just had to share.  Click on the photos to head to the picture source.

This one had me laughing out loud!  I might print it and hang it on one of my chalkboards just because it is hilarious.





What do you think – would you hang any of these in your home?

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4 comments to Quirky Art for Quirky People

  • When I saw this title I thought you were participating in “Q” You should link up if it is still open!
    Love the pics! I think I am going to go check more out!

  • Sarah


    I hadn’t seen that post – thanks for pointing it out to me. That’s funny I just happened to use that letter at the same time! Unfortunately, the link up is closed, but I’m going to have a good time reading all the other posts! Thanks!


  • Valerie

    Those are some interesting art pieces. I can’t say that I would hang them in my place but they are interesting to look at trying to figure out what the artist was trying to portray.
    Kind of like puzzle games.

  • Haha, those first ones are pretty funny! I like them, but don’t think they are really my style. I rather like the last one, though. Gotta love free art! :)

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