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Think About It Thursday: Do You Care What Others Think?

After I shared my new chalkboards and room reveal on Monday and showing my chalkboards to my roommates, I realized that I care what other people think a lot less than I once thought when it comes to how my own spaces look.  However, when I think of my future home I usually first think about how it will make me feel but then think about what other people will think about it.  I’m not sure I would ever not decorate a certain way because someone not living in the home wouldn’t like it, but I think I would take a second to let it cross my mind.

All of this had me wondering, however, if you care what other people think when it comes to decorating.  Of course, if you are married or living with someone else, of course you are going to care at least slightly what the other person or people think because they share the space with you.  But, do you care what your friends think when they stop by? 

image Flickr from suemoff

From my experience, people many times care more about whether their house is clean than if it is designed well, but when your house is looking it’s best, do you wonder what other people are thinking or are you content with your house looking the way you like it, regardless of what anyone else thinks?

I know what the “right” answer should be – we should all design our spaces for ourselves and those living with us, but I like to mix things up a bit and ask some “edgy” questions (if any question about interior decorating can be edgy) that don’t get asked often.

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4 comments to Think About It Thursday: Do You Care What Others Think?

  • People are social animals, and friends are friends for a reason – so it’s natural to want their good opinion. Most of the things in our apartment came from Craigslist, Goodwill, or were hand-me-downs, so nothing matches. We make it livable and comfortable for us with what we have, but it’s always nice to have someone say “Oh, isn’t that cute?”

  • Sarah


    I completely agree – I love getting people’s feedback (which is part of the reason I have this blog in the first place), but I think it’s true that many people don’t care that much if their friends don’t like it as long as they do, which is probably how it should be. I never cut someone off, though, when they are complimenting my style or something I did. It’s good to hear from time to time.

    Thanks for your input!


  • While I wouldn’t change the way I decorate, I do love getting compliments on our home. I do find I’m influenced by trends, more than I thought I was. I recently looked back at some special decorating magazines that I had saved and I was surprised how flowery and cluttered the houses were that I liked. My tastes have slowly evolved. I also find the same things happen with colours. I never used to like that apple green you see everywhere, now I can’t get enough of it. So I guess I am influenced by others.

  • Valerie

    I think mainly I decorate my home for me but I do take into account what the current fashion is that is appealing to others. I do think you do share your home with friends and family so you do take them into account when designing. You want people you entertain to be comfortable. I don’t think others are the main thought when decorating but they are just one of the smaller considerations you make. My thought is if you feel good in your space, others will feel good in it also. I am one though that believes it should be clean for guests and it makes me feel good when it looks at its best.

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