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Think About It Thursday: Where Would You Live?

This week’s question is going to be simple and easy because school has fried my brain and I need some fluff.  Okay, so actually I don’t think it will be that bad.  Consider it a fun exercise to see where you are right now (literally or figuratively) compared to where you would like to be.

If you could live anywhere in the world (or even in your imagination or some fantasy world) where would it be and why?  I feel like I’m making a question for Miss America to answer – make sure to keep it simple so that no one gets offended.

I’m getting sidetracked.  See – my brain.  It’s smoking.


Close your eyes.  Picture yourself and whoever you live with or would like to live with or nearby.  Now picture all of you being airlifted with the house of your dreams to anywhere your heart desires.  Where did your imaginary transporter drop you? 



Disney Land?

The middle of the ocean (on land, of course)? 



First, I’d say Heaven, but I like to hope (and pray) that it will be my final destination.  In the meantime, I think I would like to live in the middle of the forest with tons of flowers where the temperature is always 75 degrees (except for during a brief winter where the temps would drop to 29 degrees) and no scary bugs, mosquitoes, bees, or other creepy crawly things live.

imageI’d still have internet access, UPS would still be able to drop off packages, and there would be Targets and Goodwills twenty minutes away, but my house would be on a few acres of land with no neighbors in direct sight.  And, of course, there would be a waterfall that could be seen from the kitchen window.

imageAlso, it would only snow between December 10-January 1st and then it would melt and spring would last from then until May with summer from May to October and fall from October to December 10th.  Perfect length of the seasons if you ask me.

And if I’m being a little more realistic, I’d settle on Green Gables as depicted in the movie series with Megan Follows, one of my favorites.

imageWhere would you live and why?

Photo sources: one, two, three.

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7 comments to Think About It Thursday: Where Would You Live?

  • What an open-ended question! I actually think it’s kind of hard. :/ Hmmm… Okay, so maybe not that hard, haha. As long as we’re dreaming here, I would love to live in a big house right on the ocean. But maybe in Georgia or somewhere that’s not hot year-round (like Florida… ugh) and gets snow part of the year – North Carolina? They experience all the seasons, and in the summer it’s be nice and hot and I’d walk right down to the beach. I’d have a balcony that I would eat breakfast on and write for the blog :) while feeling the ocean breeze and hearing the waves. And as long as it’s fantasyland, there would be no bugs or jellyfish, and I would work from home doing design and the blog, and we’d have a nice big house (but not too big!), that we would remodel to our heart’s desire. Sigh. Okay, now back to reality, lol! :) Thanks for the daydream!

  • Oooh, that’s a tough question!! I’m going to pick a few places and spend one year living in each one :-)

    First I HAVE to live by the ocean. I found the perfect spot last year in Nove Scotia. It’s called Hell’s Point, but really, it’s awesome!!

    Then I’ll move to Bruges, Belgium. Totally and completely different experience, living in narrow homes that are squeezed together and cobblestone streets and being surrounded by hundreds of years of history.

    Next I’ll go to New Zealand. I think there are less poisonous and scary things living in NZ than Australia, which is why it appeals to me more than Oz!!

    Then I’ll come back to Canada and live in PEI — yep, back to the ocean :-) Or large body of water, anyway :-)

    Fun post :-)


  • Val

    When I was younger I watched a PBS series where an English couple moved to the south of France for a year ( I think it was called “A Year in Provence”). It seemed like heaven to me. They say now it is not as good as it used to be because too many ppl. moved there. That would be the dream place for me before all the ppl. moved there. Where the sun shines, hills of flowers and lavender,farm crops surround you,chickens run around uncaged, and life is simple; back to basics. (You could still take a trip to the cities pretty quickly if you wanted to).

  • Kim

    For city life, I don’t think you can beat Washington D.C.! Wonderful public transport system, so many things to do, beautiful city, great restaurants, people from around the world… and I adore the architectural variety found there.

    For country living I’d probably pick the mountains of North or South Carolina — I miss the mountains if I’m away too long. A cozy cabin perched on the side of a hill with vistas of tree covered mountains all around. Oh yea, that’s my idea of heaven :-)

  • Grace

    Wow, as I read each one, I was convinced that would be where I would want to go – so easily swayed, aren’t I. I think for me it would have to be by the ocean as well, but I like Sarah’s idea of the seasons, and no bugs. I prefer a view to living in a woods, so I would like a view across fields in one direction, and a bay of the ocean in the other. What a lovely question to ponder. Thanks Sarah.

  • I have no idea where I would want to be, but I DEFINITELY would want it to not have bugs…this whole farmhouse thing isn’t so fun when it comes to crawly critters. Haha!

  • I would love to live on the beach! A nice breezy cottagy type place!

    I have an award for you!
    Have a great weekend!

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