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Halloween in May

This weekend, San and I did a little spur-of-the-moment garage saling while we were out and about.  I spotted something fabulous from the road that I knew would be very useful in a few months.  Do you remember my redhead Halloween costumes post?  If not, back during Halloween season I scoured the web for some good ideas for Halloween costumes for redheads.  One I’ve been wanting to use for a few years is Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy.  I even thought San could get really dressed up and going as Ricky Ricardo – it would be perfect!  I found a polka dotted dress in a thrift store two years ago, but the $40 price tag made me walk away.  I won’t fork out that much for a Halloween costume and they cost that at a minimum for actual Halloween costumes you buy in stores, so I was out of luck.  However, this weekend I spotted the perfect blue dress with white polka dots and knew it would be mine for only $5.  This was a little spendy, but I was blinded in the moment and bought it anyway.

Here it is:


It also came with a wide matching belt.  Now, the dress is definitely too big on me and because it is sleeveless, that could cause problems, but I figure Halloween is not a time when most people worry about looking completely conservative, so as long as I have a tank top on, a little armpit action never hurt anyone. :P  If my sewing skills improve dramatically by Halloween, I may try to alter the dress to make it fit me better, but otherwise I think I may use some pins to bring in the sides and an apron to bring it in at the waist.

If you have any tips for altering it, I’d love to hear them!

What I learned from all of this is that, one – I am an impulsive garage sale shopper (and San and I are going to a city wide garage sale on Saturday so I better prepare) and two – sometimes it is okay to buy things you don’t need now as long as you have a plan to use them soon.  I plan on wearing this on Halloween, so this purchase was justified.

Would you like to join me at Future Hoarders/Impulsive Garage Sale Shoppers Anonymous?

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4 comments to Halloween in May

  • Hi everyone, my name is Chelsea, and I am an impulse garage sale buyer…. :)

  • Valerie

    Difficulty level of altering the dress really depends on how it was put together and where you need to alter it. I am not an impulse garage sale buyer but it is fun to see what treasures others are selling.

  • Reminds me of a dress I had once – I thought it looked fab with a wide pink belt. Of course that was a long time ago!! I do think it’s cute and will be make a perfect Lucy Ricardo dress – totally fun!

    Be sure to drop by DesignTies because we’re having a Mother’s Day Giveaway!!

  • Casey

    Sarah, you got some ’splainin’ to do!!!

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