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My Crafty Pseudo-Silhouette Artwork

I’ll admit – I’m definitely one of those people on board with the silhouette craze that’s been going around.  I’ve been wanting to do my own silhouettes for a while, but something has always been stopping me.  You see, I don’t like to jump on bandwagons, even when I really do love something and it doesn’t appeal to me only because others have been doing it.  I did the whole chalkboard thing, which I really do love, but as much as I wanted to do some silhouette art, I just couldn’t make myself.  Plus, even if I did do it, I would feel cheap blogging about it because we’ve all been there done that, it seems.  If you have blogged about it or are going to blog about it – don’t take this as a stab to you.  I still love reading about it, but for me I personally wanted to do something a little different.

I have a gorgeous blue frame my wonderful boyfriend bought me for my birthday last year after I hinted and nudged him like crazy about it while in one of my favorite stores, Patina.  It holds a 5×7 photo and the only photo I had

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Pining After the Simpler Life

With all this unseasonably warm weather during the past month and a half, I have found myself cramped and confined within city limits, wanting to reach out to my roots in the simpler country life I’m so accustomed to.  I gathered some photos to help myself rejuvenate in the city since I am not able to go wonder through the woods or feel the crunch of gravel beneath my feet right now.  Plus, school is becoming incredibly jam-packed and I need a break!  There’s nothing like some relaxing photos to refresh my mind!



image Southern Living


imageSource Unknown 



I am so painting a fence blue after seeing this photo – who

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I Love Lamp…Er, I Mean Ladder

We all have things we have treasured and adored since we were children.  My childhood came at a time when there was an explosion of Disney cartoon movies of classic stories like Cinderella and Snow White.  One of my longstanding obsessions, and one I think many people find themselves obsessed with or mildly addicted to from time to time are ladders.  I don’t mean ladders like carpenters use, but sliding ladders like the one Belle used in the library where she spent lots of her time in the great Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast.  I have been smitten with them ever since seeing them in the movie.  They are not the most practical items for indoor decorating, especially in a home full of children, so I have a feeling this post of inspiration pictures is as close as I am going to get to having a sliding ladder of my own, unless I open up a bookstore which is one of my dreams to do.

I do not discriminate against indoor ladders, which you will see by the photos below – I love them in all sorts of rooms from the traditional library, to kitchens, and even in bathrooms!  I

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A Renter’s Guide to Photo Groupings

Before I left to go back to school for spring semester, I thought up a new arrangement for the room I was coming back to in my apartment.  I didn’t like the old arrangement with the bed against the window (it was cold during the winter) and wanted it against a wall so I could easily sit and watch TV from it.  The walls were pretty bare as well, so I wanted to make it feel more like “me” with a picture grouping on the wall.  Because it is hard for me to go shopping while I am at school due to the lack of a car, I bought the frames I was going to use while I was at home at Walmart and a dollar store and schemed up a picture grouping by laying everything on my bed.  I ended up changing a lot once I got to school and came up with this:

DSC_0254 I liked the symmetry of this arrangement and the inclusion of the paper flower art I made a while back but didn’t have a good spot for at the time.  The

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