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Light, Airy, and Feminine Bedrooms

I love me some bedrooms with lots of white but in addition to some colorful and feminine details.  What do you think?

Need some examples?

  House Beautiful

Lonny Feb/Mar 2010

Raphael Designs via House of Turquoise


Source unknown

HGTV Dream Home 2009

Elle Decor via Brabourne Farm


House Beautiful

Better Homes and Gardens

Source Unknown

Better Homes and Gardens

I’m swooning!

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Revamping Recipes: Chicken and Chip Casserole

I needed to get meat back into my life – and quick – so I made this incredibly easy and super delicious casserole.



  • 4 teaspoons butter
  • 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast (cut into small pieces)
  • 1 cup chopped white onion
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1 can chicken broth (I used chicken bouillon and made broth)
  • 1 can Rotel Tomatoes (your preference on hotness – I used the original kind)
  • 1 package corn chips (your preference)
  • 4 cups shredded cheese (your preference – I used Mexican-style taco blend)

I also added a can of sweet corn to add more vegetables and because it already has a yellow theme.  After trying it, I would definitely keep the corn and also throw in some jalapenos, perhaps some green peppers, as well as maybe a can of beans.  That’s what I love about casseroles – you can throw in just about whatever you want!

 DSC_0278 Like most of my recipes lately, I started by chopping up the white onion.


I added some butter to a pan heated to medium heat.

DSC_0289 I tossed in the chopped up chicken and onions.  I would suggest shopping up the chicken into even smaller pieces or even using shredded chicken to create a more even layer when it comes time to put this in the casserole dish.

DSC_0291 I then boiled some water – I went with 16 ounces since the recipe didn’t specify how much broth, which worked out perfectly.  I then added two tablespoon of chicken bouillon.  If you have chicken broth on hand – use it, but I find this is a great alternative for cheap college students like me.DSC_0293

I then added the broth to a large mixing bowl.


I added the can of cream of chicken soup.  I must say, I think any recipe with cream of anything soup is delicious.  I learn from experience!

DSC_0297   I mixed in the rotel tomatoes.DSC_0300 And then the corn just because!

DSC_0302 I mixed it all up and got that.


By that time, the chicken and onions were ready – just fully cooked through.DSC_0303 I took a few handfuls of chips and crushed them, making a sturdy bottom layer.


Then I added the chicken and onions – see why you might want smaller pieces or shredded chicken?  Don’t fret, though, it still turned out perfectly!

DSC_0311 Then I layered the soup/broth/tomato/corn mixture over everything.


The recipe says to cover it with about two cups of cheese, but I didn’t use that much.  I used only about two and half cups for both layers total.


Then I did it all again.  Crushed chips.


Chicken and onion.


Soup mixture.DSC_0320 And cheese.  I put it in the oven at 350 degrees for twenty minutes.


When I came back that was what I found!  Isn’t it delicious looking?  Yellow and red makes me so hungry (ever wonder why McDonalds uses those colors?).

DSC_0327 I couldn’t help myself – I had to have some!


And man, was it even tastier than it looked!  I think this has been my second favorite recipe I have blogged about thus far, right behind Belly Buster.  I’m telling you it’s those cream soups!  I think this one is slightly healthier, however, because even though it has chips, it really isn’t that many considering this casserole contains eight servings.  Also, including the corn, there is a good amount of vegetables.  And, this recipe uses chicken instead of beef (which is healthier when substituted with ground turkey breast) so it contains less fat from the meat.  The cheese isn’t the healthiest, but I used a lot less than the recipe called for which was plenty and we all need calcium!

I say try this if you like hearty food and want to try something a little different.  It’s definitely a comfort food!

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What Does the Goodwill Put in the Water?

You know how much I love to shop at places like Goodwill with their super low prices and amazing finds (if you look hard enough to find them).  I sometimes see other shoppers’ excitement while I am scooting past people, scanning the shelves one by one, but I have been caught off guard twice now with some interesting behavior that I have only seen at the Goodwill.

A few months ago, San and I went looking for a table for him to use in his apartment.  He scored a cute round one for around $7.  As we were taking it apart to fit in his car in the entryway of the store, a cutely dressed couple came walking past us.  The man lifted the woman up into his arms and carried her over the threshold, out the door, and then to their car.  A woman outside said, “God bless you both!  We need to see more of that!  Love like that is hard to find!”

San and I laughed – mostly because we felt like he was expected to carry me to the car.  Luckily, with a heavy table in tow that was not possible.  I’m not a big PDA person or one who likes to catch people’s attention.

We talked for a while on the drive back to his apartment about how funny and random witnessing the man carrying the woman out of the store was.  Then we forgot about it.

Well, at our last stop to the Goodwill when I scored an amazing deal on four pairs of brand new shoes, something strange happened again.  This time, as San and I walked up to the store, a young (and by young I mean in their twenties – but older than me) couple sat on a bench making out about enough to make me want to yell “Get a room!”  Definitely not a sweet sight like the last public display of affection we witnessed, but another one nonetheless.  Thankfully, the couple got up and walked away before we had to walk right past them.  I’m sorry, but a kiss on the cheek in a store is one thing, and I may even say a kiss on the lips occasionally is not a sin if discreet, but making people uncomfortable by kissing in ways you would never want your parents to see in public is a big no-no.

What really shocked me about all of this, however, was that it took place at Goodwill.  I have never witnessed these affectionate displays of love ever in any other store, but the Goodwill seems to bring out the love in people.  Do you think it’s something in the water?

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Dreaming Of: The Perfect Camera Bag

Now that I am an avid user of a Digital SLR camera (a Nikon D5000 to be exact), I have been hankering for not only new lenses (or just one new one for now), but also for a more roomy and cute camera bag.

When I bought my camera, I added on an inexpensive kit that included this camera bag:

image Rokinon Leather-Style Holster SLR Carrying Case

It does pretty much all I need it to do right now, seeing as I usually don’t go anywhere, so I don’t need to take my camera with me, and I only have the kit lens that came with the camera, so I don’t need any extra storage.  This little carrying case will always be useful when I am on the go and only need one lens, but I plan on purchasing a new lens in the near future and will want more storage, as well as for papers, filters, my point and shoot camera, as well as room to grow.

Here are some options that meet my camera bag requirements that it must be cute and have organized space for me to grow into.

imageVituri Digital SLR Camera Bag in Brown

image The Bowler Camera Bag

This Bowler Camera Bag does not give me much more storage, but boy is it cute!


The bags from this website are incredibly cute, but out of my price range.

image Large Purple Synthetic Leather Bag

I wouldn’t say this is the cutest bag, but it has a fair amount of room.

image 5 Million Dollar Home

image Jill-e Nylon Camera Bag – Yellow

image Classic Messenger 2010

For some extra cash, you can also design a custom bag on this website.

image SNUGGLENS DSLR Padded Camera and Lens Carrier Bag

image Digital SLR Camera Bag and Lens Case


image Custom DEEP MOXY Camera Bag

The nice thing about the Etsy camera bag sellers is that a lot of them custom make the camera bags to your specifications.  That, and they tend to be less expensive.

However, as a college student who already spent a lot of money on the camera itself, I found one awesome alternative.  See this camera bag?

image It is also a custom bag, but it comes with a tutorial!  I figure I have some time to wait before I need a camera bag and by that time I will probably be done with the semester and will have time for a project this demanding.  It’s the perfect way to practice my sewing skills, save money, and come out with a completely custom camera bag all for myself!  What do you think?

If you have a camera, any type of camera, what kind of case do you keep it in?  Have you ever tackled a project like this before?

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Think About It Thursday: Do You Care What Others Think?

After I shared my new chalkboards and room reveal on Monday and showing my chalkboards to my roommates, I realized that I care what other people think a lot less than I once thought when it comes to how my own spaces look.  However, when I think of my future home I usually first think about how it will make me feel but then think about what other people will think about it.  I’m not sure I would ever not decorate a certain way because someone not living in the home wouldn’t like it, but I think I would take a second to let it cross my mind.

All of this had me wondering, however, if you care what other people think when it comes to decorating.  Of course, if you are married or living with someone else, of course you are going to care at least slightly what the other person or people think because they share the space with you.  But, do you care what your friends think when they stop by? 

image Flickr from suemoff

From my experience, people many times care more about whether their house is clean than if it is designed well, but when your house is looking it’s best, do you wonder what other people are thinking or are you content with your house looking the way you like it, regardless of what anyone else thinks?

I know what the “right” answer should be – we should all design our spaces for ourselves and those living with us, but I like to mix things up a bit and ask some “edgy” questions (if any question about interior decorating can be edgy) that don’t get asked often.

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