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Obsession Alert: Antique Dressers

Earlier this week, I posted about my thrifty finds I purchased while doing some shopping at consignment stores.  My favorite stop was at an amazing consignment store selling furniture, purses, clothing, and home accessories called Kismet Consignment* located in Rochester, MN.  If you live in the area, you must check out this store if you haven’t yet.  My mom scored two large framed beveled mirrors for About $70 for the pair – what a deal!

The reason I’m sharing this is because I found an incredible piece of furniture there that I’m now obsessed with.  It was a tall dresser with two smaller drawers on top separated by a slab of marble with a small mirror in the middle.  My mom and I believe it had been a man’s dresser where he would keep his watch and would wash his hands and face in the morning in a washbowl.  I have no need for this kind of furniture (or any furniture for that matter) right now, but, you know me – I sure am dreaming about it!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I like vintage/antique pieces mixed in with more modern ones.  I love traditional pieces with the occasional straight leg or sleek line running along a part of it.  I have a passion for the blending of old with new.  I am now picturing my dream bedroom with an antique dresser like the one I had to walk away from.  I am not sure, if I ever buy a dresser like one of these, if I will paint it or let it be, but I know I like a more rustic, used look that isn’t perfect, so any paint treatment would stay true to that.

The dresser I fell in love with looked most similar to this of all the pictures I could find, although it was much less ornate, had a deeper color stain, and the drawers sat a little higher (man, I wish I had taken a picture). 

image Bargain John

Although I fell in love with one like that, I would be very happy with any of the following:

image Royal Oak Cottage

image Aurora Hobbies

image Ebay

imageKinder Kountry

imageForever Pink


And there are plenty of vintage-inspired pieces that could come join me at home any day as well:

image Great Priced Furniture

imageAll Children’s Furniture

image La Fuente Imports

imageBedroom Furniture N More

Do you have a dresser in your bedroom?  If so, what style is it and what would be your dream dresser to add to your imaginary dream bedroom?

*I am in no way affiliated with Kismet Consignment (or any of the stores mentioned in this post for that matter), I am just a new loyal fan of their’s and thought I would share the source of my inspiration for this post in case any of you live nearby.

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2 comments to Obsession Alert: Antique Dressers

  • Valerie

    I love antique dressers also. I have one in my dining room that I use as a buffet and I love it! I think they can be worked into any room and they are truly beautiful! I like your favorite and the white one with the light bluish green wall color.

  • I am sure you will find an awesome dresser when the time comes. I like them all!

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