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I am a dreamer, plain and simple. My whole life, I have dreamed of all the wonderful things I would one day be able to do and it has continued into my adulthood. My main dreams have always been fairly simple: buy a house and make it beautiful, have a family (preferably a good size of three to five children), and make myself happy by staying crafty. I have dreamed of these things since a child can start dreaming and have been thinking about it ever since.

Some people view dreams as wastes of time, but I sincerely believe that in order to become successful and be truly happy one has to dream big. You cannot achieve your dreams if you never dream them in the first place. Dream In Domestic is a place that will help me keep track of my dreams and a place for me to encourage others to do the same. I have found that it is hard to stay focused if you have no one to share your dreams with and no place to record those dreams. I have people in my life to share my dreams with, but I want to share them with more to show anyone who is willing to listen that you can achieve your dreams at any age and at any point in your life. I am a college student with basically no money, little time, and little space of my own, but there are little things I can do every day to help me reach my dreams now, so that I don’t have to keep putting them off for the future.

I have thought for many years that I cannot do anything about my dreams now because of [insert any number of excuses here]. Well, I am going to change that. Sure, I do not want to have any children right now, but I have found the person I want to spend my life with, so I can invest time into that relationship to ensure it lasts forever. I do not have money for a house, but I have a nice apartment with three friends and a room at home with my parents that I can make my own now. I may not have a lot of money or an abundance of time, but I can be crafty and I should because it makes me happy. If something makes you happy, find a way to incorporate it into your life. There has to be a way, no matter what it is. I encourage everyone to let go of any excuses you have been holding on to and find a way to make your dreams come true now. Happy dreaming. :)

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